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Always a solution in Hydraulics! 

Our mission is to realize high-quality technical knowledge, optimal service and fast delivery. That is why we only work with motivated and expert staff to achieve this goal. By broadening our knowledge on a daily basis, we can offer our customers the best quality, advice and service. We are happy to respond to new developments and add them to practice. It is important for us to know what is going on with the customer, so that we can come up with the best solutions. Only A-quality is good enough for us. By focusing on the business market, we position ourselves as an exclusive supplier in the field of hydraulic products. We take on every challenge in order to achieve the perfect result.

In the future we want to broaden our knowledge and skills more and more. We want to introduce everyone to our everyday offer. Not only regionally, but also more nationally and internationally. We want to convince more and more customers that we are the best business partner for their hydraulic questions. Thanks to our no-nonsense mentality, reliability and professionalism, our new customers know exactly where they will be. We will offer all this at a competitive A-quality price.   

Always a solution in hydraulics!

Core values

Heuver Hydraulic stands for quality. All our products are of very high quality and are certified according to ISO 9002 / EN29002, DIN and SEA. We also have a test bench and we can test all hydraulic / industrial hoses on this. The customer also receives a certificate with all relevant information.

The service is our number one priority. We strive to help our customers as quickly and accurately as possible. That is why we also have a total package of products, so that we can always serve our customers. If there is an obsolete item and there is a need from the customer to have this item, we will ensure that it is included in our range.

We strive to always know where our customers' needs lie and what is going on with them. This way we can always provide our customers with the best possible service and respond where necessary. We like to think along with the customer and are problem solving. Because of our reliability and short lines, we like to enter into long-term relationships.

If there is room for innovation, we respond immediately. This can be in machines, products or new ways of working more efficiently. We are happy to participate in these developments where there is room for improvement. Our staff will also have the opportunity to further develop themselves with courses and training.

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From hydraulic hoses to technical advice: with Heuver Hydraulic you choose an experienced and reliable partner.


Heuver Hydrauliek BV

Ethaanstraat 6

7463 PC Rijssen

The Netherlands

(t) +31 (0)548 541 934





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